lørdag den 26. marts 2011

Stella at Another Nué

Stella no.2 is available to buy at Nué Notes new shop Another Nué in Krystalgade 3 in Central Copenhagen. It´s a very nice shop full of brands like Alexander Wang, Yvonne Koné, Rika and Acne. They also sell their own cool brand Nue Notes and Love Child 1979. 

mandag den 21. marts 2011

Great collages from Süsan Spark

Süsan Spark is a Barcelona based moodboard specialist/trend guide working in the field of Art, design and fashion.  She makes incredible collages full of colours and spirit.
She did this one especially for Stella magazine for our Beauty Issue.
You can see it here along with some of her other great work.

On Beauty for Stella magazine no.2
I´ve always been a rebel

Nouveau Riche trend 2012

onsdag den 16. marts 2011

Stella no.2 is out on now!

Stella no.2 is out now. You can buy it here
Have a sneak peak inside the magazine:

mandag den 14. marts 2011

STELLA no.2 is out on the 16th March

We are very happy to announce that Stella no.2 will be out and available to buy online from the 16th March. The cover illustration is done by the brilliant Swedish illustrator Cecilia Carlstedt.
More about our launch party very soon...

onsdag den 9. marts 2011

Elegant Women

Art Nouveau Cigarettes
An elegangt lady smokes a cigarette in a long cigarette holder
Although smoking is bad for you, don't you just adore these graphic designs of elegant women from the 1920'ies. These posters can be bought at All Posters among others.

lørdag den 5. marts 2011

Eye candy and afternoon tea

Stella mag came across these decorative and funny cakes of high fashion shoes, dresses and bags. They are from Pret-a-Portea available for Afternoon Tea at the Berkley Hotel in London.  Great combination of colour, tea and sweets!

torsdag den 3. marts 2011

Don't let the weather hold you back...

All-Weather Sketch Book

All-Weather Reporter's Notebook
Even though spring is here Denmark is still cold, windy and rainy. That's why we are thrilled by the Company Rite in the rain from Tacoma, WA. They produce patented, environmentally responsible, all-weather writing paper under the motto "outdoor writing products for outdoor writing people". We agree, don't let the weather hold you back.