onsdag den 27. juli 2011

Parisian Chic

This little red guide book captures the essence of the enviable Parisian life. 
Along with valuable style leasons, the French model and original Coco Chanel muse Inès de La Fressange shares her favourite Parisian spots including charming hotels, colorful flower shops and tempting cafes. Buy the book rigth here.  

lørdag den 23. juli 2011


Stella wish you a happy weekend!

... use it to find more vintage summer images here at The Royal Library, Denmark.

torsdag den 21. juli 2011

Happy Little Gift shop


Dutch Illustrator and designer Hyshil Sander just opened her wonderful little gift shop.  Hyshill is a favourite of Stella mag, you can look forward to a beautiful illustration of hers in the next issue of Stella  out in September. Available in the shop are open edition prints of her work, postcards and a cotton tote-bag. So treat yourself and stop by.
Also watch her nice video here -  it includes a stop-motion animation consisting of 253 hand-made pencil drawings!

tirsdag den 19. juli 2011


Using notebooks is the perfect way to remember your thoughts. Get inspired by the famous author Paul Auster (the husband of Siri Hustvedt starring Stella No. 2). 
He explains his writing habits right here

"I do have a few unusual writing habits—I'm a dinosaur now. I write everything by hand and type it up on an old manual typewriter, an Olympia 1961 ... I've never been able to compose on a keyboard. I need a pen or a pencil in my hand, feel that it's a very physical activity. When I write, words are literally coming out of my body." Paul Auster

Furthermore these notebooks are so beautiful you almost can't get enough. 
Get started here & here.

mandag den 18. juli 2011

Monday Music

This is the new record from the beautiful folk/dream pop singer-songwriter Merissa Nadler. Her fifth album carries her own name and contains eleven intense and personal songs. Buy the album here and enjoy her previous video Mexican summer here.

torsdag den 14. juli 2011

Summer Rain

This is all you need on a rainy day like today

onsdag den 13. juli 2011

Love for Craft Chocolate

The content of these delicate packages is truly one of a kind craft chocolate - all done by simply using two ingredients, cacao and cane sugar. The chocolate is made by the Mast Brothers based in Brooklyn, New York. 

A complex and refined process precedes the great selection and variation in taste. 
Finally the chocolate are hand wrapped in beautifully crafted papers, designed by friends and family.

Curious? Find out more here