fredag den 13. december 2013

Connected to the painting and feeling uplifted

Meet Fern Choonet - A freelance illustrator originally from Bangkok, Thailand saying it all with a thin pen and and a cool feminine expression. 

Ever since she was little she has loved to draw and doodled in between classes. She moved to Canada to continue her education and studied illustration in Toronto. 

Currently she lives in Japan. In her own words it's one of the places in the world with the best designs. 

Just like any good song, Fern believe that great art should make audiences feel connected to the images. She loves to create illustrations that can relate to people and make them feel uplifted. 

One of her favorite illustrators once said, "Illustration doesn't always have to be serious. It's okay to make images that make people feel happy!"

And so they do....enjoy!

Go to Ferns website to explore more of her universe. 

mandag den 9. december 2013

Raw beauty

Just recently we saw Janne Kruse - a Danish artist - present her work. It is both raw and beautiful and we are blown away. Here's for sharing the impression wider. 
In search of temporality
Janne Kruse (b. 2979) uses hard materials. She folds (sculptures) sheets of steel by using her body as the tool. 

In search of temporality
All of the pictures are from her exhibition in Oslo (where she is currently living). It is called Behind silence. 
In search of temporality
All photos taken by Siri Leira