onsdag den 31. juli 2013


She likes to soften the clean Nordic design with a feminine touch and combines it to rawness in a delicate way. Stella magazine had the pleasure to meet the talented danish jewellery designer - NINNA YORK! 

We asked her a few things... 

Whats on your mind to day? 
I have a lot on my mind right now, my exhibition next week and a big family birthday this weekend. But I like it that way, keeps me going!

(During the fashion week next week, NINNA YORK will have her exhibition at CIFF)

What are you working on at the moment?
I'm working on the last pieces from my latest collection, witch I'm presenting for the first time at the Danish Fashion Week this August, so i'm a bit busy at the moment.

What inspires you?
Often my inspiration comes from jewellery I've already made -a small detail from one piece can give me inspiration to a new one.

How would you describe your design?
That's so hard putting in to words, but I guess; impetuously, feminine and timeless

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Self imployed with something creative :) 

Who are your heroes and why?
My heroes are the people around me, friends and family. It may sound corny, but I could never do what I do without them.

What are your future projects?
I would love to make an entire collection consisting of showpieces. Big and advanced jewellery, maybe not that wearable more like art sculptures.

What is the most beautiful thing you can think of?

Besides babies and sunrises, a long and happy life :)

What is your best summer memories from your childhood? 
Playing on my street with my friends throwing water balloons and staying up late in the bright danish summer nights. Luckily I have a lot of those kind of memories.

What is your favorite drink and why? 
Now that's tough! It would be a close rase between red wine, beer and a variety of cocktails... 

Text: Line Jarde

tirsdag den 30. juli 2013

Well-heeled bitches

Art isn't always what it appear to be and it sure does come from nothing. We love the way artist and sculptor from UK David Kemp (b. 1945) is inspired by discarded boots.
Well-heeled bitches on the beach I
He turns boots into both fun and adorable leather and rubber dogs for enjoyment in the collection Well-heeled bitches.

Well-heeled bitches on the beach II
Some of them wear a heal as you can see! In these festival days who ever said boots can't be stylish.

mandag den 29. juli 2013


Text: Line Jarde

Stella Magazine had a chat with the Danish fashion designer Mette Julie Bundgaard Nielsen, whos behind the amazing couture brand BUNDGAARDN I E L S E N  
BUNDGAARDN I E L S E N create high quality performing design, based on aesthetic sustainability and neo modernism.  During the Copenhagen fashion week,                
BUNDGAARDN I E L S E N will exhibit her Couture exhibition - KUBIK, at the tradefair    
DEFINING SCANDINAVIA   in Øksnehallen - 08.08.2013 - 11.08.2013

What are you working on at the moment?

An exiting venture visit from Japan.
A big Nordic Expo with my sustainable couture – travelling 4 nordic countries over the next 2 years..
The couture exhibition KUBIK, launching at the Copenhagen Fashion Week in collaboration with Defining Scandinavia.
The new ready to wear collection.

How would you describe your design?
BUNDGAARDN I E L S E N is a women wears label focusing on
creating high quality design based on and neo-modernism, aesthetic sustainability and craftsmanship.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by the arts, philosophy, history, people, nature and so on.
But there is one general approach to all this that inspires me and that is contrasts and contradictions, and I often tend to work in the schism of this two-phased paragraph of:
How simple can you make it? vs. how complex does it have to be?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A butcher or a lawyer.

Why ? 
Butcher because I loved raw meat as a child, and a Lawyer because I loved the piece suits uniforms they are in habit of wearing.

I guess this early love for the piece suit has played a big part in me becoming a fashion designer. I still have a great love for the classic suit, the details, craftsmanship behind and the beautiful materials used.

Who are your heroes and why?

The little Pakistan girl Malala, which stood up for equal rights of education, and got shot by the Taliban.
I absolutely despise injustice and therefore I find her work so important and courageous, and I hope she will receive the Nobel prize.

What are your future projects?
I am working on ideas for the next couture collection, and I am quite exited about it. I want to involve even more hand made crafts into my work,
for example weaving and embroidery.

Another future plan is working towards getting more established in a international context.

Also I want to make a project with Cindy Sherman.

What is the most beautiful thing you can think of?

My son and big love Marlon. 

What is your best summer memories from your childhood?

I have many good summer memories, but what comes into mind, is a summer night drive under the starring sky.
Me laying in the back of the car with my sister sleeping next to me, while my mother was driving.
I loved seeing the stars and city lights pass by in the dark as I listened to the quiet humming of the car.

What is your favorite dessert and why?

Freshly handpicked strawberrys. That is the perfect summer dessert.

fredag den 26. juli 2013

Designs for charity

Girl dancing in the twilight

Designer Rachel Burke is paying it forward from Brisbane! She is a designer currently working on her blog and charity project I MAKE IT, YOU WEAR IT.  

She has a variety of creative projects behind her, amongst others making a dress every Saturday night for 20 consecutive weeks to raise money for NAPCAN. 

This year Rachel is focusing on making bi-monthly clothing collections and donating the proceeds from the sale of the ranges to charities of her choice. 

Also. Do check out the latest post on her blog A LITTLE PEAK AT MY HOUSE! 

Girl in the twilight

onsdag den 24. juli 2013

New initiatives @ Stellag mag

During the next months our lovely contributing writer Line Jarde will be blogging Q&A with artists on the blog twice a week. She will pursue Stella's mission of sharing your massive talents from out there.

Line Jarde in the sun
Line studies Communication Design at KEA and lives in Copenhagen. She photograph a bit and also does a little styling. Apart from this Line has a wild passion for art, architecture, curiosities and secret places. 

What is the best things about the summer?  - "The best things about the summer is all the music and wine i'm enjoying with my good friends."

You can find Lines Q&A posts here on the blog Mondays and Wednesday

Let's hear it for the girl!

tirsdag den 23. juli 2013

Art Nouveau

Self-portrait 1905

Nothing like the pictures of Zinaida Serebriakova (1884-1967) to make one feel in sync with the world. The Art Nouveau painter shared great love for beauty. She painted the most amazing portraits and atmospheres. Who would not want to see the world like this? 

Ballet washroom 1924

fredag den 19. juli 2013

Romantic charisma in Berlin

In Berlin photographer Sofie Olejnik is based, creating charismatic photos fascinated by the unique appearance of human beings. 

Indulge in her universe drawing a fine line between art, dream and fashion. Come on closer.

Girl on floor
styling: Julia Quante 

clothes: Audrey Grace Boutique / jaclyn Bethany
hair make up: Aennikin
models: Ava, Lara, Lillebrit @ Izaio Models

onsdag den 17. juli 2013

Update from Stella mag

Enough with the silence! 
No more tossing and turning over the resistance against Stella Magazine’s retirement on the one hand and the lack of money to keep going full speed on the other. We have to say it like it is. The paper version of Stella is having a break. 
This does not mean that Stella is over (no-no). All of us editors are still here in Copenhagen making a living and we still get a lot of inspirational and interesting inquiries from all of you creative people. One week from Tokyo the next from New York. 
Wow and thanks! 

The paper version may take a respite but the Stella blog is still up and running. Let’s benefit from that! 
In the future we will be updating the blog with your projects and inspiration once a week trying to make both blog and Facebooksite as interesting and community-like as possible. You guys are so talented and we want to share what you have to give and show. 

We hope you will contribute to the Stella community – love, share and spread the word. 
Be wild and brave and embrace.

Send an e-mail to Annette (annette@stellamag.net). Describe your project or creative path in a few words (in English). Attach a few photos and perhaps even a link as to where to read more about your craft(s) online. 

Thanks for making it happen!