onsdag den 3. september 2014

Portraits painted with words

Take a look at these fine images made by John Sokol (b. 1947). We absolutely love the way he combined the author with his or hers written works by painting their portrait using their own words. 

John Keats as Lamia 

Samuel Beckett as as waiting for Godot

Walt Whitman as Leaves of grass

Find your own favorite among the greatest! 

tirsdag den 5. august 2014

Anticipation creating atmosphere

Russell Gordon-Jones is painting sort of surreal spaces where the mere anticipation creates an very interesting atmosphere.

Russell just recently took his BA in fine art from Oxford school of fine art and we are intrigued by the atmosphere and his interest in Lynch and Hitchcook. Have a look for yourself and find the inspiration.

onsdag den 23. juli 2014

Human desires from porcelain pieces

Her name is Louise Hindsgavl (b. 1973). She is a Danish porcelain artist and among other things she makes human desires from porcelain pieces. 

Her art pieces are quite remarkable, weird and then most of all they are beautiful to look at, as if a partly fairy tail universe and partly human universe is unfolding before your eyes. It's quite remarkable and we love it! 

Her works are nothing like the porcelain pieces you find in the window at your grandparents house. They have a different story and tell and so much more than what meets the eye at first glance. 

Louise's works contain both entertainment and reflection for an afternoon out of the sun thinking about our desires in a sort of mash up. 

Take a look for yourself at Louise's HP and drop a comment below. 

Have a happy summer. Love Stella. 

søndag den 18. maj 2014

Two sides of every body

Gracia Hagen (self-taught artist from Chicago) took some wonderful photos of different models from two very different perspectives. One of them sowing them off the models as pretty as ever and the other one showing the same body but from a less fortunate position, or? The point is very different! 

Gracia Hagen wants us to understand that every person can look extremely attractive under the right circumstances and two seconds later transform into something completely different.

The series 'Illusions of the body' was made to tackle the supposed norms of what we think our bodies are supposed to look like. Now she even turned the pictures into a book. 

Most of us realize that the media displays only the prettiest photos of people, yet we compare ourselves to those images. We never get to see those photos juxtaposed against a picture of that same person looking unflattering. That contrast would help a lot of body image issues we as a culture have.

lørdag den 5. april 2014

The candid personality of children

Here is the story of photographer Emily Kornya for you. 

Since I was a very young child I had always been intrigue by images, whether that be photography or art, I was always fascinating in trying to discover the story each photo told. 

The feeling has stuck with me and as I got older I started to become very interested in photography as it just such a realistic and personal (as the people you capture are all unique individuals) art form. 

Since I was 12 I had dreams of one day becoming a children's fashion photographer (I have always loved to work with kids, and love their imaginative and genuine nature) and at age 17 I took a photography course while traveling through 10 cities in Europe. On this trip I felt such a thrill and happiness from capturing the moments of people's lives/stories I decided that I wanted definitely pursue this. 

What is most important to me for my own photography is capturing a persons true personality. I like to shoot very candidly and watch how the models interact with each other and see the stories and bonds they have created. Its pretty magical to see this and how much happiness the kids are experiencing. 

mandag den 24. marts 2014

Arty Smarty all the way

Looking for nature inspired jewellery objects to express who you are? This is the handcraft of the company artysmarty. The designer and owner of the company is Angela Cuthill based in Dublin. 

 Angela likes her jewellery to be both fun and entertaining. Still they are very simple. 


Animal necklaces

Angela uses simple materials and represents them in new ways. Wood, fabrics and resin form the basis of material which are produced by hand into contemporary objects. 

Check out her facebook site and the shop.

lørdag den 15. marts 2014

Latest EP by Tiger Baby. Meet lead singer Pernille Pang

Last year (2013) Tiger Baby released the wonderful EP 'Alone'. It's a result of the band's new approach to their music and collaboration. Back then Stella had a talk with lead singer Pernille Pang who you might already know as editor of Stella Magazine. It's time for sharing! Read the interview and then listen to the EP (or do it the other way around). 


-What’s on your mind to day? 
I’m writing a book at the moment and have to hand the whole manuscript in to the publisher very soon; so that’s pretty much what’s occupying me.

-Who is Tiger Baby? 
Benjamin Teglbjærg, Nikolaj Tarp Gregersen and me. We’ve been a band for ages and met when we we’re all studying at the university of Copenhagen and Benjamin and Nikolaj put a note up on a black board at the university. They we’re looking for a singer to join their band, and I responded. Now – many years, three albums and an EP later – we’re still here, but our lives have changed a lot. We all have families and jobs, but still strive to make music.

-What is your next project? 
Benjamin is very busy at his job and needs a break from making music, so Nikolaj and I will do a duo-project. No one knows where it will lead us, but I’m pretty exited about it. Also, I’m going to give birth to my second daughter in December. That’s a pretty exiting project too. (This interview was conducted in 2013. Pernille now has a lovely newborn daughter.) 

-Have you always wanted to be an artist?
Yes, a kind of artist, I guess. As I child I was always jumping around in my room imitating Madonna and the like, pretending to be a pop star. Later on I wanted to be a designer, then a photographer and a journalist. I ended up being both a journalist and a singer, which I’m very content with.  

-What or Who inspires you and why? 
Daily life. Ups and downs. And the melancholy of fall. But I also get really inspired by going to concerts. Listening to other musicians and bands.  

-Are you in Love?  In a place, a person, a moment or something else? 
I’m very much in love with my family and the new apartment, which we just moved into. I’ll never fall out of love with my four-year-old daughter, Stella. She’s the greatest love of all.    

- What time of the day is your favorite? 
It used to be in the night. When everything was quiet, most people were asleep and creativity was flowing. But that was before I had children. Now I’m too tired in the evenings and nights, and I think actually prefer mornings alone with a cup of coffee in front of the computer. 

- What is your favorite dessert and Why?
In general I just love desserts. If I have to pick one it would be the classic Thai dish ‘Sticky rice and mango’

- What is your best summer memories from your childhood? why?
When I was visiting my grandparents in the north of Jutland. I remember those summers as being really sunny and warm with trips to the beach and walks in the forest - bicycling along yellow grain fields, picking strawberries and peas from my grandparent’s garden. 

- Where do you get your energy from?
From inspiration and creativity. 

 - What do you do on a rainy day? 
I stay inside - making puzzles, cuddling up with my daughter, reading books. 

- What do you dream about?
Adventures in Asia. And long, healthy and happy lives for every member in my family. 

- What makes you laugh? 
My daughter and my husband. And little things with no logic at all. 

- What is your favorite place in the world?
The beautiful temple in Hong Kong, where my dad’s urn is situated. I love to spend time there alone. The heavy smell of incense and the quiet sound of running water from a small fountain. 

- The best advice someone has giving you, and follow it? 
It’s very cliché and I don’t know if anyone ever gave it to me or I just got it from an American movie. But you can do what you want if you just believe in yourself. I’m not sure, I always follow this advice, but I would like to. My boyfriend often tells me to stop my complaining and do something about it instead. I guess, that’s pretty good advice too.

Interview by Line Jarde.