fredag den 30. september 2011

Ce le weekend!

Keeping in the French spirit, Stella wishes you a wonderful weekend. x

tirsdag den 27. september 2011

Elle s'appelle Yelle

In the third issue of Stella you'll find a charming interview with Julie Budet, aka Yelle, about Kate Bush, climbing trees and having fun. Incidentally this energetic French luminary is currently touring Europe, South America and North America in all her colourful electro-pop glory.

Tour dates here 
Listen here

fredag den 16. september 2011

100 years of popular fashion

Take a look at this 100 second film commemorating popular fashion trends in East-London over the past century. Perfect viewing to kick off the weekend!

Found via Honestly...WTF

torsdag den 15. september 2011

Swedish pop

It's no secret that Sweden is teeming with pop sensations of the highest order. Once again, Gothenburg’s  Jens Lekman delivers another short, dreamy dose of candy for the ears. Listen to his latest EP, An Argument With Myself, due for release on 20th September, here.

fredag den 9. september 2011

Stella no.3 launch party

The other day Stella celebrated the launch of our third issue - The Pop Issue with bubbles, popcorns and sweet pop cakes. Thanks to all of you who stopped by.

torsdag den 8. september 2011

Buy Stella no.3 now!

Buy Stella no.3 - The Pop Issue now! You can buy it online here.
We have an interview with the French singer Yelle, a feature about Pop Icons and a recipe for pop cakes among other things.

onsdag den 7. september 2011

Remember our launch of Stella no.3 tonight!

Tonight we will be celebrating the third issue of Stella magazine - The Pop Issue.
Please join us at Mesteren & Lærlingen in Kødbyen kl.19.30.
There will be lots of bubbles, pop, pop cakes and popcorn.

tirsdag den 6. september 2011

Stone Skipping

This Saturday The Copenhagen Stone Skipping Championship took place on a narrow channel in the old Christianshavn. The stones were special designed so that everyone had equal chances. The winner did 23 skips - wow!

torsdag den 1. september 2011