onsdag den 6. maj 2015

Clair Norris

All of her works are handmade pieces. Here's a few. 

We will let them speak for themselves, the works of ceramist Clair Norris. Clair Norris is living and working in the beautiful Scottish Borders. 

She is not just an artist but a business woman as well, having created her own firm Samieston Ceramics back in 2002.  

lørdag den 24. januar 2015

Place yourself in time and space

Alicja Kwade (b. 1979) from Berlin works mixed media. Through her works she manipulate the mental perceptions of how a boby places itself in time and space. 

Double Fortune 2013

Double Fortune 2013

Angst 2013
She works with sculpture, installation, work on paper, photography and painting. 

Stay tuned for more on her website or take a chance on Google - place yourself in time and space