torsdag den 27. oktober 2011


Hotel Pro Forma is an international performance collective based in Denmark. Steering away from the traditional theatrical structures of story, text and plot, Hotel Pro Forma creates visual and musical spaces by way of transdisciplinary collaboration. Artists from a range of backgrounds including architecture, visual arts, music, film, dance, fashion design, the natural sciences and digital media join forces to explore universal themes and develop them in new and stimulating contexts.

Hotel Pro Forma's latest venture, War Sum Up, was produced in collaboration with the Latvian National Opera. Inspiration for this production was drawn from Japanese culture and its expression of poetry, pop, precision and brutality to deliver a powerful impression on the nature of war.

Hotel Pro Forma have kindly provided us with two tickets to War Sum Up on Saturday 12th November at Det Kongelige Teater in Copenhagen. To be in the running all you have to do is "like" this post and leave a comment below, including a valid email address. Entries close at midnight on Wednesday 9th November. A winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday 10th November.

Best of luck!

* Update: congratulations Ulrike!

tirsdag den 25. oktober 2011

Astrid Kruse Jensen

Keeping in line with the Halloween theme, let me introduce Danish photographer Astrid Kruse Jensen. In her haunting nightscapes she explores the paradox between reality and imaginary, the natural and the artificial. With long exposure times and clever exploitation of available light sources, subjects are illuminated in a hypernatural glow imperceptible to the naked eye.

You can see more of Astrid's work at Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen as part of the 'Myths of the Near Future' exhibition.

søndag den 23. oktober 2011

Let's play dress-ups

Some Halloween inspiration.

Image sources: one / two / three / four

Halloween countdown

Here's a number from Planningtorock's latest record, W, to put you in the mood.

In 2010 Planningtorock collaborated with the Swedish electropop due, The Knife, for the Tomorrow In a Year opera based on the life of Charles Darwin and his groundbreaking book 'On the Origin of Species'. The opera was comissioned by the Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma.

Just a heads up for those unfamiliar with Janine Rostren's enigmatic brilliance!

lørdag den 22. oktober 2011

Sunrise, sunset

Eric Cahan photographs sunrises and sunsets as part of his ongoing Sky Series. Magnificent, aren't they?

Found via I Do Art.

mandag den 17. oktober 2011

Ruth Crone Foster

Ruth Crone Foster is a Danish artist whose work spans a myriad of mediums including collage, illustration, installation and textiles.

See more paper madness as part of the Paper Cuts exhibition at Vess until October 20th. Hop to it!

lørdag den 15. oktober 2011

Joana Vasconcelos

Joana Vasconcelos explores the dichotomy between intimate experience and popular culture in her supersized, often confronting, sculptures and installations. Crochet, embroidery, tampons, children's toys, cooking pans and a whole lot of plastic are interwoven in a prolific collection of formidable beasts.

Read more in the current issue of Stella magazine.

fredag den 14. oktober 2011

Friday's weather

It's getting chilly outside. Click here for a little extra sunshine.

onsdag den 12. oktober 2011

Miranda July: The Future

The Stella team is very much looking forward to the premiere of Miranda July's latest masterpiece, The Future, at Stockholm International Film Festival coming up in November. Head on over to Nowness for an amusing vignette on how to tackle life's distractions.

tirsdag den 11. oktober 2011

Food meets fashion

Take a peek at fashion fused with vegan sweeties over at lookbook cookbook.

Veganism at its finest!

mandag den 10. oktober 2011

A song for the weather

Here's a charming tune by Sweden's darling of pop, Frida Hyvönen, to accompany the dreary weather.

 Rumour has it that she'll release a new record late this year. Fingers crossed!

fredag den 7. oktober 2011

Friday, again

And it's Friday yet again. The Stella team wishes you a happy weekend, wherever in the world you may be. x

 Image from David Hamilton's 1973 'Le Demoiselles D'Hamilton' collection.

onsdag den 5. oktober 2011

Charlotte Moulard

We are delighted with French photographer Charlotte Moulard's editorial "The Imaginary World of Stella" in the third issue of Stella magazine. Charlotte travelled to the seaside village of Stella-Plage, France, to shoot the pictures.

See more of her beautiful images here.

mandag den 3. oktober 2011

Yuko Takada Keller Pt. II

The lovely Yuko Takada Keller just informed us that you can admire her creations right here in Copenhagen!

Catch a glimpse at Portalen in Hundige

Yuko Takada Keller

Ethereal paper sculptures by Japan's Yuko Takada Keller. Exquisite, aren't they?

 See more here.

lørdag den 1. oktober 2011

Escape machine

Where would you like to escape to?