tirsdag den 29. oktober 2013

It all comes from within

Christine Ay Tjoe (born 1973) is not exactly up-and-coming but an established and very talented artist who left one dream of becoming a fashion designer to go all in on her dream of becoming an artist. 

She is an Indonesian contemporary artist originally from Bandung. 
We read the nice interview from Luxury Insider, by Eugene Quek, from 2012 and were inspired to share Christine Ay Tjoe's abstract, fascinating and recognizable artworks. 

"All of my art comes from here (touches chest). My art depicts the right path, the strong path, the path I believe in. I guess what I’m trying to say is I want to convey kindness, fatherly kindness." she says in the interview

(The quote is not related to the pictures on this blog. Read the interview in Luxury Insider for the 2012 art)

Pictures are copyright Christine Ay Tjoe

fredag den 25. oktober 2013

Everyone has arrived

We all do it from time to time (well, maybe mostly us above thirty (B.I. = Before Instagram)). We open the photo album and dive into the past by watching old memories unfold. 

We remember emotions, friendships, relations and people that have passed away. It’s somehow the same feeling with the new book "Alle er kommet – portraits and parties 1983-2013" (UK: Everyone has arrived) by Sigrún Gudbrandsdóttir.

Palace Pier , Brighton 1993. Camden 1992. Symi 1990.
The pictures are portraits and party photos in the timespan 1983-20013, mainly with Sigrún behind the camera. Weddings and friends goofing around, backstage giggling and night swimming. What is not to like? Almost 400 pages. 

Jim & Sigrún Prague 1990
You may not know the people on the pictures except the few ones you've seen in the media - and so Sigrún's story becomes the story of the reader. The story of you. Years and places that have made a mark, places and people you knew during the same years, clothing trends or stereotypes you’ve meet in the street. Atmospheres... Lovestories. You name it.

Morten & Jonas Skindergade 1991
During the two next Fridays we’ll be presenting a few of the photos and stories from the book to light your fire.

Read more about the writer, photographer and artist Sigrún and her book on her website (DK). You may even want to get your own copy. Last but not least, stay tuned here on the blog You’re invited. 

All pictures are copyrighted Sigrún Gudbrandsdóttir. 

tirsdag den 22. oktober 2013

Wings to fly

The paintings by Amy Judd capture women and birds, feathers and bodies. All in all they host a very special sensual atmosphere. Is there a distance between the woman and the bird or are they one and the same? We are (almost) lost for words by the amazing paintings by Amy Judd.


Don't ask me why
Amy was born i 1980 and is currently living and working in London (UK). Go to her website for more paintings and further information.

tirsdag den 15. oktober 2013

Draw with silk

Today it is up to you. We have stumbled upon this app that makes it possible to create your own silk drawings with awesome and simple effects. Dig in and make your own. It is kind of meditative with the sound effects and all. 

Art as a 3 sec. shapshot? 

Try it out yourself here. 

3 sec snapshot

fredag den 11. oktober 2013

Make a difference with craftivism

Ever heard of craftivism? It's neat and also the center in a new and very illustrated book from author Sarah Corbett. For many years Sarah was an activist ... who ended up being a burned out activist. 

Changing her perspective she still wanted to make a difference but by using a different voice. The voice of craftivism (Originally Betsy Greer's term which means activism through craft). It became the heart and drive behind The little book of Craftivism.
It seems to me...
The little book of craftivism is a small how-to become a craftivist guide and also the story of Sarah making a difference herself and telling her story. 

Sarah hosts an online community - Craftivist Collective - and updates the blog.  

mandag den 7. oktober 2013

In the mood for Autumn blues...

Ditte Breineberg is a Danish multi artist from Copenhagen. Besides her mix media art and drawings, she plays violin in her band LittleBird. You have the opportunity to experience the band LittleBird, at RUST on the 25. 10.13.  

                      Mixmedia by artist Ditte Breineberg - See more of her work at nonessentials.dk And more music on Itunes

                                                                 / Line Jarde  /

fredag den 4. oktober 2013

Flesh by Cath Riley

It's experimental drawings according to Cath Riley. Very large scale drawings based around the human body. 

They are wonderful!  It's even hard to see they are drawings. A tribute to art, shapes, expression and the human body. 

Dig in "the flesh" and have a great weekend. 

Copyright Cath Riley

tirsdag den 1. oktober 2013

Come on in

Come on in and experience the appartments of Inge, Tena, Veronik, Loke + Nathan and more. Photographer Mieke Verbijen is taking simplistic pictures of apartments; interiors. Furniture, windows and soul...

Mieke was born in 1984. She is a belgian photographer living and working in Antwerp. 

Sigh. Simplicity and light.