torsdag den 3. februar 2011

Stella around the World

Parco, Tokyo
MagNation Australia
Magazine Cafe, New York, 15 West 37th St
Stella is happy to tell you that The First issue is available in many countries now.
You can find Stella mag in UK, France, United States, Japan, Brazil and Australia.
Please email for retailers´ addresses.

3 kommentarer:

  1. I love Stella magazine.
    I fond Stella mag. at International art book store in Nagoya, Aichi Japan.

    I want to my illustration collaborate with Stella magazine !
    Its my artworks also my favorite stuff 's page.
    I would to you check my page.I hope..

  2. Dear Yumiko

    Thanks a lot for your post!
    And thanks for sending your link, we will definitely check it out :)

    All the best,
    Stella mag

  3. Hi!
    I bought the maganize last week, and I loved!
    I'm anxious for the next issue!! :)