mandag den 9. september 2013

STELLAQ&A met the Danish artist Maggie Kempinska, to a talk about chocolate, art, love and black humor

What’s on your mind to day?
It is Monday and my to-do-list is long and extremely boring. It has nothing to do with being creative and I have only practical issues to deal with. I am very disciplined, so before I can even breath or relax I need to get rid of that list. Cleaning up after a Trailer Trash Bash for 60 people in our garden is today’s task.
What are you working on at the moment?

I am in between exhibitions. That means: not busy or stressed. However I am always working on small collages and right now struggling with a big portrait painting for a client.
What inspires you and why?
People that stand out, pattern, graphic design, interior, décor, textures, fashion, artwork, travles, architecture, music. Music is a big factor. It can dictate my mood and color palette and the outcome of an art-piece completely. I love to work to classic music, modern jazz or lounge music. Not too much drama. Then I cannot hear my inner voice and miss the dialog with the other part of me.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I chose my path in life in an early age. When I was 17 year old I had my interior design diploma in my hand, and worked as a visuel merchandiser in Magasin du Nord. Way back the decoration department and settings was a big deal. Like Harrods in London. Today it is mostly displays. After this I attended various art school but ended up working in fashion, photography, advertising, PR and similar creative industries for 20 years. However art regained my attention and focus after a period of depression and stress and saved me from loosing my mind.
Are you in Love?
Not IN love. But I LOVE by husband of 12 year and my two kids, age 7 and 11 enormously.  Being in love is like a virus. A disease. It will always pass.

What time of the day is your favorite?
Between 9-14. When I am all alone. I am a social person, but also an extremely private one. I need to maintaine that balance. If I neglect the anti social part of me. I get tired, aggressive, hostile and starts to cry. I know my limits.

What is your best summer memories from your childhood?

My childhood was shit. My mother has been married 5 times and engaged 7. Need I say more? I have no memorable child hood memories. However camping with my dad when I was 9 with a lot of kids comes to my mind. He divorced my mother when I was 1 and got him self another family after many years of being a women’s man and a player. But that summer he was present and felt like mine.
What is your favorite dessert and why?
I am not a dessert person. However I do like to sneak Dark Chocolate to bed.

Where do you get your energy from?
I am a fighter. A one-man-army. If I am turned on by a concept or an idea. I can move mountains and can work 24/7 untill the work is done. If not. I am pretty introvert and the action is mostly happening in my head. Very exhausting.
What do you dream about?
More time. Less routines. Not waking up to the same day every day. More options. More freedom. A freedom you cannot have when you have kids relaying on you. It’s a huge sacrifice becoming a parent when you never had the opportunity to be a kid your self. 
What makes you laugh?
Black humor. And people who fights in movies. Love the snappy dialog and the brutal honesty.
What is your favorite place in Copenhagen?
I love Copenhagen in general. There a so many magnificent sides and spots.  It would be wrogn to choose one. I love to  sit in my car and cruise through the city. The best moment is early early Sunday morning, when the city wakes up slowly. However I love to leave it again and head for the surburbs in North of sealand. 

Thank you Maggie. xx

                                                           - Line Jarde  - 

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