fredag den 13. september 2013

Wake up the subconscious mind through landscape motifs

Jung once said, 
“A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that is not opened.” 

This could also be the opening line from today's artist on the blog. Mia Nelle Drøschler is a Danish contemporary artist creating paintings and collages referencing to the subconscious mind through landscape motifs. 

Surrealist paintings come to mind when looking at her strong coloured work in which Drøschler seeks the idea of resolving the conflicting relationship between dream and reality by creating illogical scenes and strange creatures through painting techniques rooted in intuition and spontaneity that allow the subconscious to express itself.

In 2010 Drøschler traveled to the rain forests of Borneo, just a month after her graduation exhibition at Goldsmiths in London. This trip was a turning point in her art practice, where she, far from civilization and surrounded by the rainforest’s overwhelming chaos, for the first time understood the importance of nature as a motif in her works. 

Soon after her return to London, she was curated by Joanna Foster to create a major solo exhibition called ‘The Forest Within’, consisting of ten paintings and collages, all with the rainforest and the internal landscape as a motivation. 

Her most recent solo exhibition, ‘DreamEscapes’ was also a visual examination of the psychological landscape. ‘DreamEscapes’ was exhibited at the Danish Cultural Institute in Edinburgh earlier this year.

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