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Alright Alright it's a photo book - but as we show you a few more photos from "Alle er kommet - Portraits & Parties 1983-2013" (UK: Everyone has arrived) a few things must be said about the words in it as well (because, well, we like (the) words).
Thomas, Claus and name unknown. Hotel London 2007 
In the back of the book we find stories evolving around some of the pictures. For all of you Danish Speaking readers the stories contribute to a new layer in the life of the artist Sigrún Gudbrandsdóttir and the portraits and parties. As the parties probably were fun - so are the stories. 

Mathilde & Karina. New York 1999
Read about the love of the indieworld, who is Sanne Gottlieb and and what's the link between The Olsen brothers and circus horses? Warning! Once again it's underground. You may learn about bands that no longer exist or if you know (knew) them feel like taking a listen for old times sake.   

Kira Skov Heinrich Prisen 2010
(Bonus for you = This is not in the book. Kira just released the album When we were gentle)

Words by Sigrún Gudbrandsdóttir, Benn Q. Holm, Klaus Lynggaard, Torben Sangild, Diana Tørslev Møller and Signe Høirup Will Jørgensen. 

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