tirsdag den 29. oktober 2013

It all comes from within

Christine Ay Tjoe (born 1973) is not exactly up-and-coming but an established and very talented artist who left one dream of becoming a fashion designer to go all in on her dream of becoming an artist. 

She is an Indonesian contemporary artist originally from Bandung. 
We read the nice interview from Luxury Insider, by Eugene Quek, from 2012 and were inspired to share Christine Ay Tjoe's abstract, fascinating and recognizable artworks. 

"All of my art comes from here (touches chest). My art depicts the right path, the strong path, the path I believe in. I guess what I’m trying to say is I want to convey kindness, fatherly kindness." she says in the interview

(The quote is not related to the pictures on this blog. Read the interview in Luxury Insider for the 2012 art)

Pictures are copyright Christine Ay Tjoe

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