fredag den 25. oktober 2013

Everyone has arrived

We all do it from time to time (well, maybe mostly us above thirty (B.I. = Before Instagram)). We open the photo album and dive into the past by watching old memories unfold. 

We remember emotions, friendships, relations and people that have passed away. It’s somehow the same feeling with the new book "Alle er kommet – portraits and parties 1983-2013" (UK: Everyone has arrived) by Sigrún Gudbrandsdóttir.

Palace Pier , Brighton 1993. Camden 1992. Symi 1990.
The pictures are portraits and party photos in the timespan 1983-20013, mainly with Sigrún behind the camera. Weddings and friends goofing around, backstage giggling and night swimming. What is not to like? Almost 400 pages. 

Jim & Sigrún Prague 1990
You may not know the people on the pictures except the few ones you've seen in the media - and so Sigrún's story becomes the story of the reader. The story of you. Years and places that have made a mark, places and people you knew during the same years, clothing trends or stereotypes you’ve meet in the street. Atmospheres... Lovestories. You name it.

Morten & Jonas Skindergade 1991
During the two next Fridays we’ll be presenting a few of the photos and stories from the book to light your fire.

Read more about the writer, photographer and artist Sigrún and her book on her website (DK). You may even want to get your own copy. Last but not least, stay tuned here on the blog You’re invited. 

All pictures are copyrighted Sigrún Gudbrandsdóttir. 

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