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STELLAQ&A // LOUISE ALENIUS - Meet the talented composer of the Elephant man - Summer ballet 2013

She´s 100% driven by her passion and seeks intensity everywhere in life. Music has always been part of her life and now she has created the most beautiful music for the summer ballet Elephant Man which will premiere at the Bellevue Theatre tomorrow, Saturday. I had the great pleasure to have a little chat with the talented composer, Louise Alenius, about love, energy and music.

How are you today ?
 -I´m great, thank you..

What´s on your mind these days?
 -Wuuii, I have a lot these days… Just got back from Paris, where my second home is.
And then there's premiere of the summer ballet - Elephant Man on Saturday at the Theatre Bellevue, I am the composer, so Im incredibly excited of course !

What do you dream about?
-I dream of being able to be in two places at once. And being able to read other peoples mind.

Where do you get your energy from?
-I am 100% driven by my passion for what I do, and seeks intensity everywhere in life. this applies to my work with music, human relations, my family and the way I choose to live. I think that passion is my primary source of energy, I feel the energy quickly disappear out of me when I'm not passionate.

What is your favorite place in Copenhagen?
-I love my neighborhood Gammelholm behind Kongens Nytorv. There live some wonderful people! Luckily there is still a little desolate down in Harbour Street, where it is mostly the locals who hang out, but I fear a little, that it ends up being just as crowded as Bryggen. To be completely honest, I do not much want to share that part of town with all other :) I love to be in a quiet neighborhood in the middle of the city.

What makes you laugh?
-Some of my friends really make me laugh. And absurd situations like building on together! I laugh unfortunately also incredibly often at the wrong times-when someone falls or say something wrong, or when something is extremely embarrassing!
When I have a hangover and still have a party-feeling in my body, I'm pretty interested in bad humor too.

Are you in love?
-Yes!!  I am very much in love.. Nelson, my little son at 2, is my biggest crush at the moment – his father is really hot tooJ

How would you describe your musical universe?
-The ‘Elephant Man’ is both modern and classic. In a way it has a cinematic touch because it is very melodic and melancholic, dramatic and it has a strong epic narrative. It's great emotion and grand gestures, but it can also be very understated and expressive.
Three words describe it very well:
Seductive, expressive and engaging.
Incredibly reluctant - The listener should enter and search it them self.
People often tell me that the more they listen to my music, the more they like it – That is the greatest compliment in my world!


 What are you listening at the moment?
-I work a lot, so I listen to my own music a big part of the day. Often when I am done, I need some silence. But otherwise I really like the Korean duo (Su: M). I love Nino rota, Patrick Watson, Bach and some modern Japanese composers that I just started listening to.

Have you been to a place where you musical was inspired?
-Last year we went to Bali for two month 10 people together. there was the wild folkloristic music scene, and the Balinese music has a very special sound (everything is organised but it can sound totally random if you don’t know better), that inspired me in a project I made when I came back to Denmark.

Where does this passion for music comes from and have you always wanted to be a composer?
-It was not a choice I made, music has just always been there.
I have always had melodies in my head. Then I started to sing the melodies, and after that I began to compose the music around my melodies, so they sounded exactly as I heard them in my head. I hope that I will never stop making music – I think I would be very unhappy.

Do you have a secret place or a place where you can be creative charged?
-Yes it's Paris, our second home. That’s my creative booster.
It is the most inspiring place for me.
It's not only about the architecture and the beautiful people, and the rich cultural life. it's a lot about the mentality and the way you meet people. I feel very free in Paris, and I have a daily feeling that everything can happen – I need that in my life, when it gets too controlled I get bored.

The Music from the summer ballet - Elephant man by louise Alenius is now in  Itunes. 

                                                        By: Line Jarde

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