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STELLAQ&A - Whipped cream & moroccan mandarin trees - Karen Segall - We met her for a small chat..

She did an art shop installation for the Berlin based shop - KONK, cover art for the danish band - The Floor Is Made Of Lava and many illustration prints for designers.
We had a chat with the very talented danish artist -  Karen Segall
                                                      Karen Segall                  Photo by: Julia Klug

What’s on your mind to day?-I got three deadlines, secret stuff, secret stuff and a an epic exhibition. How it will be possible to eat lovely cakes everyday, and that i really need to have a little helper to clean my apartment.   

What are you working on at the moment?-I'm working on an exhibition for I do art lab - 06.09.2013. Besides that ,I create pictures for upcomming Kurato.dk exhibitions, a new art-to-wear collection is on the paper, and something i can't say anything about yet. 

What inspires you and why?-Mostly emotions, feelings, random pictures, characteristic human beings, the dark side, sounds, culture, the world   
Karen Segall - Work in progres for the exhibition

What did you want to be when you grew up?

-It's always been rather designer or artist. I think it was being an artist before I knew what a designer was.

Are you in Love
-In the idea of being it. I'm in love all the time, i have so many emotions, and is really super sensitive so it happens all the time in the smallest things, human beings and material stuff 

What time of the day is your favorite? -When I can see the sun sets in the horizont
Karen Segall - Work in progres for the exhibition
What is your best summer memories from your childhood?-Standing in the low water outside of Sønderho, Fanø looking for amber feeling the bottom of the ocean.

What is your favorite dessert and why?
-Everything with whipped cream. It 's a fix.

Where do you get your energy from?- The fantasy, the world, real food, leaving this city as often as possible, doing what I want, sleeping until noon on a wednesday if needed, a creative storage space in my mind that grows like my moroccan mandarin tree.
Karen Segall - Work in progres for the exhibition
What do you dream about?
-Doing more, doing it larger.
What makes you laugh?
-Honesty, because it's so real. Everything that doesn't try to be something it aren't. 
What is your favorite place in Copenhagen?
-I can't say, having a thing about always trying to escape. Maybe my kitchentable.

Thank you, Karen :) 

Interview by: Line Juul Jarde

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